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V6 Anniversary Video

A while back, kanbisenshi came up with the idea that we could do a fanvideo for V6's 17th anniversary to show the guys how much we international fans appreciate their hard work and their general awesomeness ;D
In the end, we decided that each one of us would make a short video including a sign with a short message and the country we're from and then edit them all together.
The video is done now and I think it turned out really cute! :3

Maybe~ if we share it around enough, they'll actually get to see it one day so like, share and spread the word :3
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Fic Journal

So I was REALLY bored this week at work and decided to finally create a journal only for my fics. After I put them all together, I was like "OMG I DIDN'T REALIZE THERE WERE SO MANY! (O_O)!"
But well, apparently there are and I hope I can add a few more over time.

So from now on, all new fics go here: bunnys_writings
Feel free to follow me there :3
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[Fic] When did things change?

Title: When did things change?
Fandom: V6
Pairing: Okada x Ken (kind of)
Summary: Sometimes Okada can't help but worry.
Notes: I promised ohnaganoes that I would write her something in the near future and hey~ guess what?! That moment came earlier than expected! :Db
I also managed to write something that has absolutely nothing to do with the hundreds of ideas we've been thinking about. I hope you still like it.. XD;; 

PS: Thank you all for your messages. I love you guys and I'm glad to have you

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